GSCM Simulation — Reflection Lessons Learned

For the GSCM assignment:

  • You are allowed to work with one other student and create a single submission for which each student will receive the same score.
  • Your submission can either be a written paper (about 750 – 1,000 words) or audio / video recordings where you respond to the prompt questions verbally (and do not have to submit a paper).
  • The areas for reflection are contained in this PowerPoint presentation.
    • If writing a paper, use the main topics from each slide as the header for that part of the paper.
    • If recording, you can download this presentation, use the capabilities in PowerPoint to record audio on each slide and submit the new file. Alternatively, you leave audio comments on your OneNote Class personal page…or use any other screencapture/recording software and submit a file or link. [You might try the trial version of Camtasia].
  • You will have to purchase access to the simulation from Harvard Business Press for $15. If you are partnering on this assignment, only one of you needs to purchase the simulation.Link to purchase simulation from HBP (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Be sure to read and review the prep materials before you begin…I’ve attached the ‘How to Play Guide‘ here, and the interactive preparation materials are useful, too.
  • This is a fun and challenging simulation and you can run it multiple times. If you are wondering what a career in SCM might entail, this can be an inexpensive preview.

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