midterm questions VR

  • A group of two or more atoms forms a(n) ____________.
  • The ______________ number specifies the protons or electrons required in the atom for each element. This number determines the type of atom.
  • The ___________ is the basic practical unit of energy.
  • The unit of ______________ is commonly used for large amounts of electrical energy and is the basis of how electric companies charge for power usage.
  • When current flows in a resistance, ________________ is produced
  • Calculate the power in a circuit where a source of 100V produces 2A in a 50-? resistor.
  • Calculate how much current is needed for a 600-W, 120-V toaster.
  • Calculate the overall resistance of the coils in 1500-W, 120-V hair-dryer
  • Calculate how much power is generated in a 120V, 10amp power drill.
  • Convert 1.2kW into units of watts (W).

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