Music Theory Question

Attend one (1) eligible JAZZ performance in person or online (at least 1 hour) and complete one 2,500-word summary report with additional research, SINGLE SPACED, on your experience.

1. Date and time of performance;
2. Name, address, and website of performance venue;
3. Names of all performers involved in the performance

Though the exact content within each report will vary based on the type of performance attended, the following questions may be used as a guideline of potential discussion topics.

? Describe the effect of the performance on your mind, mood, and emotions. Was the performance
engaging (intellectually and/or emotionally)? How did your expectations affect your experience? Did you leave the performance in a different mood than when you arrived? Did you experience something about
music that you had not experienced before?
? How did you react to the players’ improvisation? Did the performance engage you or did you feel “lost” at
times? What musical forms or techniques drew your attention during the improvisation sections? Did you
find the players’ improvisations to be intellectually stimulating?
? To what extent did the performers react or interact with one another? How did the performers respond to
the reactions by audience members? Did you feel a connection with the performers or were you unable to
relate to this particular musical experience?

Research: Use at least two (2) outside sources. A minimum of one source must be a BOOK specifically about
the person/topic. You may include anthologies and compilations, which are about multiple people, but they
cannot count as part of your two sources. The remaining source may be from a variety of sources (Internet-
based is acceptable) such as magazine, trade, or newspaper articles and/or interviews. The class text may be
referenced but it cannot be counted as one of the two required sources. Please note that use of and/or Internet blogs are NOT considered acceptable research sources for formal academic
Citations: Throughout your report, you MUST cite quotes and important “borrowed” material that is obviously
not original. Quotations must be properly cited according to accepted MLA style. A report that fails to cite
references (with page numbers) will have no chance of receiving a top grade.
Bibliography: Your report must incorporate a bibliography that details your sources in proper 9th ed. of MLA style

I have included a link to Jazzmeia Horns jazz performance because she owns a book that I can purchase a ebook copy of to use for the research.You can find another online jazz performance/bank to writeon as long as they have a book about them and it is at least an hour long.

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