Report about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

In “Sowing the seeds of corporate social responsibility” (Neisser, 2016), the article about Cargill concludes by wondering if the company’s actions are CSR, smart business, effective leadership or all of these, and suggests that this is “food for thought” (para. 9).

For this assessment task, assume that it is primarily about CSR, and:

  • Define the key term ‘CSR’.
  • Discuss why Cargill’s CSR approach as described in this article appears to be successful.
  • Discuss why CSR may not be successful for other companies – or, why CSR is always successful.
  • Recommend whether or not a company should implement CSR.

Use report format including all relevant components and present the information in a professional-looking document.


Neisser, D. (2016). Sowing the seeds of corporate social responsibility. Forbes BrandVoice. Retrieved from…


The following points are an important guide for presenting assessment items:

  • Use the conventional report format and structure (title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, overview of relevent literature, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, APA6 referencing style).
  • To introduce the report, create a title page including a title (topic of the report), your name and student ID, date the report was written.
  • Use figures, tables and appendices (where appropriate) and number them separately for each item type. A list of figures, tables and appendices is not required.
  • Use clear and relevant headings and sub-headings to assist your reader to navigate and understand the information in the report.
  • Clearly structure your paragraphs.
  • Use design elements to create a professional-looking paper.
  • Provide a single reference list (“References”) that starts on a new page.
  • Use 1.5 spacing throughout the report.
  • Use a standard 12 point font such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.
  • Left-justify body text.

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