Government 2306 Campaign paper

Hello, I have a Campaign Paper due Dec 2nd and I have no idea where to start.

Thank you in advance for your help.


You have chosen to run for elected office for the 2018 campaign season. For this paper, you must choose to run for a position at the state (Texas House, Texas Senate, Governor, etc.) or local level (city, county), and complete a comprehensive campaign plan based on the guidelines described below. For a list of elected officials in Texas to choose from, there is a handout titled “State of Texas Elected Officials” that’s available in Module Two in the D2L course site. The paper is due on December 2, 2018, at 11:30 pm CST, and students will have ten points deducted from the campaign paper grade for each day it is submitted after the due date. In addition, the final deadline to submit any late papers for credit is December 12, 2018.

Paper Guidelines

  • Write a paper describing the complete campaign operation you will be conducting as a candidate for office.
  • The paper must be completed using one of these file types: Microsoft Word or PDF
  • The paper must be a minimum four pages in length (not including the cover sheet and Works Cited page)
  • All characters must be typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font.
  • All lines must be double-spaced and include one-inch margins (top-bottom and left-right).
  • The paper must be written in the following order:
  1. Cover sheet
    1. Your name
    2. Campaign Paper
    3. Government 2306
    4. Date
  2. Introduction Paragraph (brief summary of what the paper is about)
  3. Content
    1. What elected position are you running for and why did you choose to run for this position?
    2. Provide a summary of your political ideology. (conservatism, liberalism, a combination of both or a different ideology).
    3. Name at least four (4) issues and/or actions you will pursue if elected. Include specific proposals for each.
    4. How do you intend to raise money for your campaign? What type of advertising or marketing techniques will you use to inform the public of your candidacy? How will you recruit volunteers to assist with the campaign and what types of duties and responsibilities will they be given?
    5. What was your overall impression of this paper? Did it provide you with a better understanding of the process involved in conducting a campaign? Do you have interest in running for office in the future? Why or why not?
  4. Conclusion Paragraph
  5. Sources/Works Cited Page: The paper must include a minimum of 5 sources and they must be documented within your paper using MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. Also, the sources must be fully documented on a “Works Cited Page” and the following sources are prohibited for use in the paper: Wikipedia, the class textbook, and using the same source more than once.

Here is a list of elected officials for me to choose from

Texas House member

Texas Senator


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Commissioner of General Land Office

Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner, Railroad Commission of Texas

Justice, Supreme Court of Texas

Justice, Supreme Court of Criminal Appeals

State Board of Education

For Harris County elected officials visit and click “Government” on the home page

For City of Houston elected officials visit

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