Analysis of a Focus Group

Analysis of a Focus Group

When researchers want to look deeply at a topic, they often apply a qualitative research method. If the purpose is to collect rich, detailed data from people who hold a shared, common experience, then a focus group could be an appropriate choice. However, before a researcher conducts a focus group, a great deal of preparation must take place, and a number of questions must be answered. For example, where will the focus group take place? Focus groups can take place just about anywhere, even virtually. Who will facilitate the focus group? Is that person trained and ready? What about collecting and transcribing the focus group data? And recruiting participants?

For this week’s Discussion, you will view a video of a focus group session and answer some questions about what you saw.

With these thoughts in mind:

  • View the video “How to Plan and Conduct a Focus Group” from this week’s Learning Resources.

Answer the following questions:

  • What was the research question being asked of the group?
  • Do you think the researcher succeeded in collecting adequate data in the Focus Group to answer the research question? Why or why not?
  • What else could the researcher have done to collect adequate data to answer the research question?
  • What additional or follow-up questions could have been asked to get a better response?

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