Below is the three question emphasize on the budget that needs to be refocusing, political science homework help

Breaking news! Your candidate and campaign have failed to reach the late September fundraising goal and you must reduce your overall budget by $30,000.

However, based on your recent knowledge of targeting, you should now be able to reduce the size of the mail universe in your budget to focus on persuasion.


Please rework your mail budget from Week 1 to increase the number of waves of direct mail, but reduce the size of the universe in these mail runs. Post this new budget in the discussion thread below along with brief answers to the following questions:

  1. How has targeting helped you to have a better understanding on your state senate universe?
  2. How many additional waves of mail can you now send to targeting voters?
  3. Based on this new landscape, how do you refocus your budget to deliver the maximum amount of paid media in your budget?

I need three pages. One page for each questions

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