Blog Planning and Tracking (2.5 to 4pages)

Assignment5 – Blog Planning and Tracking

The assignment consists in planning (setting goals for a blog) and extending recommendations or suggestions for its promotion, tracking and monitoring.

The assignment will comprise two parts:

  1. First, set expectations of a blog.
  2. Then, extend a series of recommendations for promotion, tracking and monitoring (see the outline below).

Discuss each key point in some detail. The expectation is you will include your own thoughts and ideas. Be sure to indicate how each point applies to a blog and how you are going to use them. As an additional guideline, review the example on pages 63-64.



  • Social Media Marketing objectives.
    • List the marketing goals of the blog (page 54). Each goal should be an actionable, SMART objective (pages 54-55).
    • What are the expected benefits of the blog? (page 305).
  • Target audience.
    • You then go on to profile the target audience.
  • Social media channels/vehicles.
    • Identify the best channel/vehicle for the blog (e.g. Twitter).
  • Timeline.
    • Indicate whether the conversations will continuously occur, as a short-term campaign or a mix of ongoing presence and short-term campaign.
    • What do you expect your traffic patterns will look like by the end of your timeline? Will you have more or fewer hills and valleys, more or less growth?
  • Traffic.
    • Chart and draw the traffic projections (page 309) according to the proposed timeline. (Time frame may vary considering the length of the campaign up to one year).


  • Promotion
  • Tracking and monitoring
    • What tracking approach would you recommend? (page 306).
    • Review figures on p. 309 of our textbook. Select relevant analytics for your blog (e.g. overall mentions, traffic). What is the best way to track the selected metrics?
    • Based on the objectives you set for the blog (Expectations #1), what specific metrics would you recommend to measure the effectiveness of the blog? (page 310).


  • The minimum number of pages is 2 ½ and the maximum number is 4, not including charts.
  • No references are required for this assignment.
  • Please use Times New Roman font, 12 pt.
  • Be precise, concise and to the point.

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