CGS Online Class

Hello guys,

Before this I had another question where I assigned 2 tutors to do the work but they never finished. Therefor I’m reassigning the question so someone could finish. This is a very EASY class, all you have to do is go through the chapters so the software marks the chapter as read. You must do the “Let Me Try” stimulations this basically just teaches you how to use the software for example excel, access and powerpoint which is the ones I’m going through.

I need you to finish:

Chapter 3 excel, was not finish I got a 65%.

PowerPoint chapter 1-3 it was never done.

Basically just go through the chapters so its marked as read and do every let me try stimulation. VERY EASY BUT TIME CONSUMING.

Then I need help with the final exams of those chapters, power point, excel and access. VERY EASY, if you know how to use these programs you’ll pass the test. I need this done before midnight central time in the U.S.

Every exam has a password.




I also need help with in-class assignments which take 5 minutes each to do. Like I said very easy.

In order to do all of this work you must access my blackboard account. So go to miamidade college website and click on the “blackboard login” my username is estephanie.roman001 and my password is Steph7865459637!

you click on courses and then click on the course that says CGS. On the left side click on “simnet access” click on whatever chapter and that will take you to another website where all of the assignments I listed above are at. Click on “assignments” on the top and literally click on the chapters that I listed above.

I need this done in a few hours because it’s due tonight before midnight, central time. I live in miami florida.


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