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Please see the grading rubric for this assignment for specific instructions on how to create your presentation document. To prepare for your presentations, you should follow the suggestions highlighted in Download oral_presentations_tips (Alcantar, Norma).pdf

Requirements for presentations:

  • Plan to present between 4 to 6 minutes
  • Cover slide, Overview slide, Motivation slide
    • Presented by the Project Engineering Lead
  • Weighted Benefit Analysis slide and Candidate Designs
    • Presented by the Design and Hardware (Product Development Lead)
    • At least two candidate designs (CAD images included) should be discussed in the presentation.
    • A sample form of the weighted benefit analysis table (WBA) is located in Week 5 modules in the Week 5 Lecture – Design Thinking presentation.
  • Programming Slide
    • Presented by the Software Lead
  • Conclusion slide, Next Steps slide
    • Presented by the Testing Lead

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