Conflict Project

Select one of the different conflict-resolution methods described in the Learning Resources for the first 4 weeks and use it in a real conflict situation.

Conflict-resolutions methods are

The Circle of Conflict

The Triangle of Satisfaction

The Boundary Model

Interests, Rights and Power

The Dynamics of Trust

The Dimensions of Conflict

The Social Style Model

Moving Beyond the Conflict

For your Week 4 application:

1. Describe the situation, in full.
2. State the model used and define the model.
3. Explain how you used the model, and how you feel it helped you through the conflict. Provide the outcome of the conflict.
4. Describe what lessons were learned. In hindsight, do you still think this model was the best choice for the situations?
5. Where could you make improvements?
6. What questions might you have for a mediator about how you resolved this conflict?

Write a 2-3 page paper, utilizing at least 3 course references (including the course Toolkit textbook).

As per APA, you can use the first person while describing your conflict.

Course Textbook

Furlong, G. T. (2005). The conflict resolution toolbox: Models and maps for analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving conflict.

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