Customer Service assignment 5

Store Culture and Customer Service

2-3 pages minimum with apa format

no plagiarism

check grammar

Answer the following:

Congratulations, you recently were assigned to manage a high end, branded apparel specialty store that has a reputation for unfriendly, stuck–up sales people, bad customer service and being difficult to shop in.

All of the sales staff is on sales-based commission programs, some making over $150,000 per year. Many have been there for a long time. New salespeople very don’t last very long. There are no formal training programs and everyone has their own “Customer Book”, which they won’t share with anyone else.

1-List the steps you would take to change the culture and actions of your staff?

2-What key principles of Customer Service would you emphasize first?

3-Do you think a clienteling program would be appropriate in this environment? Why or why not?

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