Develop an entry strategy about 6 to 7 pages paper for Host Hotels Resorts, Inc. REIT in the country Egypt

The paper on Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the country Egypt should address the highlighted bullet in approx 6-7 pages and a reference page APA 12 font double-space with references

Perform the following assessments:

  • Analyze your site as both a market for your products and as a site for certain value-chain activities.
  • Short-list and profile potential partner company candidates.
  • Determine what company you will select for partnership or alliance. Evaluate the benefits this partnership would bring to your organization’s market position or profits.
  • Detail the pros and cons of three market-entry modes. Which entry mode would you recommend and why? How does your chosen mode fit your organization’s goals and objectives?

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