Discussion – Interview

I have an exercise which is below:

For this exercise, please interview at least three people who know you in various capacities (family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc.) to develop a profile of how others see you as a negotiator. Explain to them that you are taking a class in negotiations and you would like to ask them some questions to help you better understand your negotiation skills. Ask them to be very candid in their responses so you will know what you need to work on through this course. (In the attachment, three examples of the interview that did it by other students.)

Interview Questions:

How persistent am I when I want something?

How easily do I give up?

How competitive am I?

How likely am I to use:

Guilt or emotional appeal (“Please!”)

Logical explanation (“You should do this because …”)

Exchange (“I’ll do ____ for you if you do ____ for me.”)

What do you think would make me a better negotiator?

After you complete the interview, please summarize the results on this discussion board with the following three questions:

How did others describe you?

Were the descriptions what you expected?

What, if anything, did they say that surprised you?

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