Discussion: New Discoveries About ELLs

Please discuss the following questions:

  1. What did you learn that was new and/or surprising from the articles assigned in this module? How does this inform your teaching?
  2. Is there any particular author with which you agree or disagree?

Attached is everything given in the module.

Write 4 -5 paragraphs in APA format

Module 5: Readings and Assignment Information


  • Jana Noel- Multicultural Education
    • Suarez-Orozco Afterword: Understanding and Serving the Children of Immigrants. p. 167.
    • Banks, J. A. Transforming the Mainstream Curriculum. p. 200
    • Nieto, S. M. Profoundly Multicultural Questions. p. 206
  • Taylor & Whitaker
    • Chapter 1

Giouroukakis, V. and Rauch, A. (2010). Science for the English language learner: Strategies to enhance comprehension. Educator’s Voice, 3, 50-55. Retrieved from:https://www.nysut.org/~/media/files/nysut/resources/2010/may/educators-voice-3-adolescents/educatorsvoice3_adolescents_07_ell.pdf?la=en

  • Markos, A., and Himmel, J. (2016). Using sheltered instruction to support English learners.Center for Applied Linguistics, 1-16.


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