Discussion: Qantas Flight 32 Accident

This discussion is for you to present your thoughts on the 4 November 2010 Qantas Airbus A380 uncontained engine failure and possible causal factors associated with the engine failure in flight. This accident occurred in Indonesia, and the investigation was performed by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Some of the aircraft maintenance rules that Qantas follow are slightly different, but for this accident investigation you will apply the FAA rules and regulations to the accident during your analysis. The discussion forum is designed to facilitate an understanding and application of turbine engine system component relationships and engine performance calculations. As with many investigations, not all the information will be available to the investigator. Therefore, an investigator must apply his/her knowledge and consider other potential contributing factors, which is sometimes called taking a 360-degree view of the accident factors.

Discussion Resources


Respond to each of the following questions in your discussion post:

  1. What field level investigation procedures should have been or were used to evaluate the engine?
  2. How did the investigators evaluate the engine in the field?
  3. What were the likely contributing factors to the aircraft accident? Explain why you believe these factors contributed or did not contribute.
  4. What post accident impact damage did the investigators have to contend with (e.g., missing components, transportation damage, etc.)?
  5. What possible factors contributed to the aircraft accident (e.g., processes, procedures, maintenance, environmental, operational, etc.)?
  6. What, if anything, would you do differently in the investigation?

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