Do all 3 parts of the assignment

Assignment 1

Composition & literature

Essay #1choose one (1) topic and write a five-paragraph essay (typed/double spaced]. Do not retell or summarize the story.

1 “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker:

  • Analyze and discuss the historical context. How many different time periods are described in the story?
  • How does the fire continue to “burn” or “smoke in the character’s lives?
  • the story?

2. “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant:

  • Analyze and describe the conflict in the story (explain whether it’s internal or external conflict)
  • Explain the irony in the story?
  • What does the Necklace that she loses symbolize?
  • Give a direct and indirect characterization of Mathilde

3. “False Gems” by Guy de Maupassant:

Explain the plot in the story “False Gems”

What is the moral of this story?

Analyze the verbal, dramatic and situational irony expressed in the story.

Assignment 2

Review Case Study 3 ‘The Amazon of Innovation’ on pages 106 – 108 of your text, and answer the following critical-thinking questions:

Book: Required Text(s): Using MIS (Customized) Author(s): Kreonke, D. & Boyle, R Edition: 10th Year: 2017 ISBN: 978-1-323-65701-0 Publisher: Pearson

1. Based on the facts presented in this case, what do you think is’s competitive strategy? Justify your answer.

2. Jeff Bezos, CEO of, has stated that the best customer support is none. What does that mean?

3. Suppose you work for Amazon or a company that takes innovation as seriously as Amazon does. What do you suppose is the likely reaction to an employee who says to his or her boss, “But, I don’t know how to do that!”?

4. Using your own words and your own experience, what skills and abilities do you think you need to have to thrive at an organization like Amazon?

Your submission should be a minimum of one half page of content in length, answering each question with a substantive paragraph of 4 – 5 sentences in length. Please type the question as well as your answer.

Assignment 3

For your main discussion post, analyze and discuss how many devices in your home are connected to the Internet? Evaluate and explain how much time you spend daily, weekly, or monthly trying to ensure that these devices have the latest updates and are secure? Assess and explain the implications of maintaining dozens of smart devices?

Your main post should be at least 150 words in length. Respond to at least two posting of others, with each response being at least 100 words. Properly cite any references utilized in APA format.

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