• Carefully read each question and answer.
  • Put your answers directly on this form.
  • Submit this form as a file upload in the appropriate Week.

What is the URL or web address of the web site you are evaluating?


Web Site Title: Click here to enter text.

Authority and Accuracy

Anyone can create and load a web page. It is important to know the author’s identity and his or her qualifications or expertise in order to determine the credibility and reliability of the information.

Who is the author of the website?

? I couldn’t find it.

The author is: Click here to enter text.

What authorship clues did the web site provide? Check all that apply.

? Company (.com)? Non-profit organization (.org)

? Academic institution (.edu)? Country-specific site (ex: .uk)

? U.S. Government Agency (.gov)? Personal web page (ex: www.samlear.com)

? U.S. Military site (.mil)? Other—describe: Click here to enter text.

? Network of computer (.net)

What are the qualifications of the author or group that created the site?

? I couldn’t find it.

The author’s qualifications are: Click here to enter text.

Purpose and Content

Look closely at the information provided. Some sites provide links to information about the purpose for the web site (ex: an About the Organization or Mission Statement page). Evaluate the information to determine whether it is biased or opinionated, factual, or mixed.

What is the purpose of the web site? Check all that apply.

? Personal web page

? Company or organization site

? Forum for educational or public service information

? Entertainment

? Advertisement

? Forum for ideas, opinions, or points of view

? Other—please explain: Click here to enter text.

In your own words, briefly describe the purpose of the web site: Click here to enter text.

Is the information biased, factual, or mixed? Check one.

? Balanced, objective, or factual information

? Biased, subjective, or opinionated information

Are the arguments well-supported? ? Yes? No

? Both objective and subjective information

? I couldn’t tell

? Other—explain: Click here to enter text.

Does the web site provide any contact information or means of communicating with the author or webmaster?

? No

? Yes, the site provides: Click here to enter text.


Regular updating information is critical for some web sites and not for others. It depends on whether the site is about historical information or about current events, like news or stock market prices.

When was the web site last updated?

? I couldn’t tell.

? It was updated: Click here to enter text.

Is currency important to the type of information on this web site? Explain:

Click here to enter text.

Is the site well maintained?

? I couldn’t tell.

? Yes.

? No.

Are any links broken? Did you receive any error messages?

? I couldn’t tell.

? Yes.

? No.

Design, Organization, and Ease of Use

If a web site is slow to load, or difficult to navigate, search, and read, its value to you is diminished.

In your opinion, how does the web site appear overall? Check all that apply.

? Well-designed and organized? Poorly designed and organized

? Easy to read and navigate? Difficult to read and navigate

? Help screens are available? Help screens are unavailable

? Search feature/ site map is available? Search feature/ site map is unavailable

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