excel Activity

Download the file. Each team should use this Excel file to answer the following questions. Rename each file with your team name first and then the week number, for example: “Birds-Week2”

1) Convert the Centigrade TempData to Fahrenheit for each of the 31 days. Calculate the 5-number summary, range, IQR, Mean and Standard Deviation in the given fields for both Centigrade and Fahrenheit data.

  • Calculate the ratio of Fahrenheit over Centigrade for the range, IQR, Mean and Standard Deviation. Which ratio is different? Why?

2) Calculate the the 5-number summary, range, IQR, Mean and Standard Deviation for the variable Weight. Which is larger, the mean or the median?

  • Create a histogram for the Weight variable with 10 class intervals. Describe the shape of the histogram.
  • Calculate the inner and outer fences (for both above Q3 and below Q1). How many boxplot outliers (near and far) are there?
  • Calculate the z-score for each of the 118 players. How many potential outliers are there with z-scores greater than 2 or less than -2?

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