Final Essay Assignment

Final Essay Assignment

Length: 10-12 pages

For this assignment, you will research and write an essay in which you explore two or more course themes in greater depth. Throughout the course, we have discussed the ways in which the digital music commodity accrues value for users, both in terms of monetary value (exchange value) and in terms of affective or emotional value (use value). Focusing on these questions of value, compose an essay in which you draw connections between course themes from at least two different weeks, supplemented by additional scholarly readings of your own choosing.

This may take a number of different forms. For instance, you could choose to write an essay in which you trace the transectorial developments through which a particular technology or platform produced value for consumers. You could also compare and contrast the ways in which users add value to physical music mixes vs. playlists on streaming services through the use of metadata. Or you could compare the ways in which consumers find value in physical/tangible music collections vs. collections of digital/intangible music files. These are just some examples of topics you could consider. The range of possible topics is much wider, so long as you make connections between at least two course themes. You may also choose to use the topic of your creative project as a jumping-off point.

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