Group Project – Virtual Teamwork

You are a virtual group working on a team paper so that is what you are being asked to analyze! As you know, virtual teams are increasingly common in our interconnected global workplace. There are positives and challenges to working as a group in a virtual environment.
Propose the most effective way (i.e., a set of logical recommendations) to structure a virtual team (with members located within and some external to the United States and possibly some from different national cultures) to meet the goals of 1) team member satisfaction/growth and 2) producing results that achieve the team’s directive from upper level management. As part of your analysis of how to structure the team to meet those goals, your analysis and recommendations (based on course concepts and your research on why teams succeed or fail) should address the following eight issues:
1. The impacts of virtual interactions and multicultural membership
2. Differentiation/specialization of roles and functions
3. Integration/coordination of the work
4. Formalization
5. Centralization/decentralization
6. Mechanistic versus organic design
7. Culture – shared values and norms for behavior
8. Responsibility for management, shared leadership, and self organization
For each aspect of the assignment, cite concepts from the course readings, scholarly sources from the UMUC online library, and/or weekly lecture modules to support your analysis and conclusions. You are expected to use sources from the UMUC virtual library databases beyond our weekly eReadings lists. See the Library Discussion area for tips. Do not use Wikipedia or Google the topic–use the UMUC virtual library databases. Include at least six references from academic journals.
The body of the paper should be no more than 10 pages (excluding the title page, abstract (summary), and references). Follow APA style guidelines. Be sure to use headings/subheadings for different sections.

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