HIS-103 The Great War Narrated Screencast

World War I was known to those who lived through it as the “Great War.” In many ways, it was a war that changed how our world understood military conflict forever. The first large-scale international conflict to be fought after the age of industrialization, WWI ushered in an era of mechanized destruction that included machine guns, tanks, submarines, airplanes, and chemical weapons. The horrors of trench warfare were chronicled by those who witnessed it firsthand, and civilians’ lives were altered in myriad ways by this “total war.”

In this activity, you will participate in a collaborative knowledge building exercise by creating a narrated screencast to inform your classmates on some aspect of World War I. Afterward, you’ll view and comment on screencasts created by your classmates.

  1. Choose some element of World War I that interests you. Think about the people, places, politics, technologies, and events you encountered while interacting with this week’s materials. History.com provides a good place to start if you’re having trouble thinking of a topic.
  2. Create an informative narrated screencast on the element you’ve selected. At a minimum, address the following questions:
    1. What element did you choose to present? Describe it.
    2. How does the element you chose fit into World War I? What was the context?
    3. How did the element you chose influence the war?

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