ICD 10 Medical Coding


Look up the ten diagnosis listed below in your ICD 10 CM Alphabetic Index ONLY and put the code you find in the Alphabetic Index in a Word Document. Number your answer next to the corresponding number of the diagnosis you are coding.

Look up the main term for the following diagnosis in the Alphabetic Index of your ICD 10 CM code book:

  1. Acute cystitis with hematuria.
  2. Lipoma of the subcutaneous tissue of the right leg.
  3. Cellulitis of the right eyelid.
  4. Congenital iodine deficiency syndrome, mixed type.
  5. Candidiasis of the skin of abdomen, NEC. (NEC will be found in the abbreviations in your code book conventions.)
  6. Whooping cough due to pertussis (Bordetella) with pneumonia.
  7. Olecranon bursitis of the left elbow
  8. Guillian Barre Syndrome
  9. Acute Respiratory Failure with hypoxia
  10. Chronic pancreatitis, recurrent.
  • Put numbers by your answers so your instructor can grade correctly.
  • In each diagnosis statement, find the main term (see definition of the main term given in your code book reading assignment) and look up the code based on the main term in the Alphabetic Index.
  • Next, match the details of the diagnosis documentation to the details in the information listed under the main diagnosis in instructions and indentations. (For example: Look up appendicitis and then underneath note there are indented lists to pick from such as acute or rupture. You then decide which one matches your documentation the best.)
  • Make sure you match all the specifics in the documentation before picking the code listed in the Alphabetic Index that matches your documentation. Whatever code you choose you will put in your Word document.

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