law enforcement training

Law Enforcement Training

Chapter Three of Protecting the Republic examines significant
differences between law enforcement training and the training techniques
required in other professions. For this assignment, address the following:

  • Examine three areas of law enforcement training that
    are unique to the profession.
  • Analyze one of the training types and at least two
    points of liability.
  • Assess whether the resulting liability following the
    training (i.e., firearms or arrest and control) centers on the individual
    officer, the organization, or both?
  • Under what circumstances would a change in liability
  • Investigate how training minimizes liability and
    addresses public opinion.

The paper
must be two to three pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You
must use at least two scholarly sources, other than the textbook to support
your claims and subclaims. Cite your resources in text and on the reference

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