Lgbt powerpoint

For this assignment, you will need to review research on the LGBT older person on the following two websites:

Create an 8-10 slide presentation (excluding the title slide and reference slide) that uses images and text to describe the unique needs of the aging lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individual (you may focus on a country of your choice).

Address the following in your presentation:

  • Create a list of guidelines for human services professionals working with this unique population. Include a list of resources that human service professionals could use to educate themselves about the LGBT older personÂ’s needs.
  • Ensure that your slide presentation has appropriate and engaging images and text on each slide that provides key points of information.
  • Include notes in the slide notes section to additionally support the information included on each slide. You might include, for example, statistics on some aspect of the population or additional information regarding current and best practices in the profession.
  • In addition to the research you use from the two websites, above, cite and incorporate research from at least two additional credible sources—scholarly journals, government information, or professional association publications.

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