Motivation Culture and the Workforce

  • Identify two cultures that have distinctly
    different motivational styles and compare the motivational styles.
    Provide resources to support your analysis.
  • Describe an example that illustrates how each motivational style influences an individual’s behavior in the workplace.
  • Take a position on which style makes for a “better” workforce, and explain your reasoning.
  • Explain insights you have gained about how culture influences
    motivation and work behavior that can help you be more understanding
    of, and work more effectively with, fellow employees, now or in the
    future.Submit a PowerPoint presentation of 6–10 slides
    that is part of a cultural sensitivity training course. Address the
    following points in preparing your presentation:
  • Create a title slide with the name of the country you
    selected and the purpose of the cultural sensitivity training course.
  • Briefly describe the selected country and its dominant culture.
  • Summarize key points of difference between your culture
    and the selected country in terms of death rites/funerals and
    mourning customs.
  • Summarize key points of difference between your culture
    and the selected country in terms of emotional experience and
    emotional display in response to death and death rites/funerals.
  • Provide general cultural sensitivity suggestions and recommendations for business travelers to your selected country.
  • Summarize the importance of cross-cultural understanding of emotional expressions around an event such as death.
  • List references in APA style for all information in your cultural sensitivity training course.

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