reading discussion

i choose

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

(Certainly do not read the whole diary, but bop

around and get a feel for what Samuel writes about)


No more than 2 students may choose the same text.

Reserve your choice early.

If the selections already have 2 takers, yours will not count. It is your

responsibility to reserve your choice and to monitor the Discussion thread.

In your first paragraph, summarize or put into your own words what the poet/writer is saying. If you are doing a poem, you do not have to paraphrase it line by line. However, make sure you include all major ideas. For example, if you

choose Thomas Gray’s “Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat”, you need to say

more than “Some dude’s cat dies”. If you choose Samuel Pepys or Olaudah

Equiano, summarize those sections of the men’s work that you have read.

In your second paragraph, explain how you react or respond to your choice.

What does it make you think about? What did you like or dislike about it? Be sure

to explain why . Also, create a question for us about your choice.

You questions can work very well.

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