Reading Post Week 1, Day 2: Short Stories, homework help

Reading Post Week 1, Day 2: Short Stories, Du Bois, “The Comet,” Derrick Bell, “The Space Traders,” and Evie Shockley, “separation anxiety”

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Read the three short stories from the Dark Matter anthology.

**You must reference the correct titles and authors’ names for each short story assigned. Please also remember to use page numbers when you quote or include examples from the stories in your posts.

Please use the following questions and prompts as the guidelines for your discussion post. Post only AFTER you have read the assigned stories.

1) Google each of the authors. Provide your classmates with information you learned about each of the authors.

2) What are the connections made in these stories?

3) Note: pay close attention to the publication dates of each story. When was each story written? Can you make connections to historical or social events that might shape the context in which each story was written?

4) Focus on one story: Identify a single theme and discuss this theme or idea.

5) What surprised you about these stories? Did you find anything difficult to read?

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