ROSS company

We are about to redesign the ROSS company to let the company becomes better. By following these information:

  • How did you recognize the redesign needs?
    • Product management
    • Strong competition
    • Negative feedback
    • out-date interior design
  • Who is the target market – did it change from their primary target market? Explain why this is the target market you have chosen.
    • Low income and middle income (age 14-60)
  • Recap of the SWOT analysis (only the areas that impacted your plan), Cost of plan?
  • Strengths Weakness
    • One of the biggest off-price store
    • Convenient locations
    • Wide assortment styles and fashions
    • Lack of e-commerce involvement
    • Visually un-appealing Stores
    • Lack of stores outside of the US
    Opportunities Threats
    • Trump Tax Plan benefit low income customer
    • Other retail stores are closing down their store
    • Minimum wage increases

    • Competitors is getting more and more
    • The rental rate increase in California
    • Increasing raw material pricing

    Answer the question: Expected impact to the business?

  • write about 200-250 words.

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