Servant and Authentic Leadership and Best Leader Competition

Please read (link) Chapter 7 pages 188-195 and also read (link) Chapter 9 (pages 241-227) of the Dugan text.

First, please review this two minute video about Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership video

Servant Leadership – Video link

Then, answer one of the following two questions:

1 – What are servant leadership behaviors and what do they mean to followers? Drawing on your own leadership experiences, what needs to be considered when applying servant leadership to practice?


2 – Discuss authentic leadership. How it is different from other theories of leadership?

This portion of the forum assignment will be a competition. Next week you will “vote” on the best submission, but for this week, you will select your model “leader”. You are not required to respond to any students in this section. You only need to write your 250 word essay about your leader, why you selected them to win the competition, and what traits they possess. Your submission can be any single person (a teacher, a coach, a relative, a mentor, a superior, or some other famous person you admire).

Make sure you finalize your “essay” with a clear explanation as to why your person deserves to win the election as “leader of the week”.

Participation in this is mandatory and worth 30% of your forum grade this week and 15% of your forum grade next week.

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