task list of building bridge

please prepare a task list, in the order you will complete them to build the bridge that appears in the attached photograph.

For the purposes of this assignment, you should assume that

  1. You are assessing the project and completing the task list for another person who will come to the location after you.
  2. The person who is to actually follow your task list arrives and must obtain the materials from the surrounding area.
  3. Also
    assume that the bridge will join the base location (from where the
    photo was taken) to the island on the other side of the river.

must provide a task list so that the person, who has never built a
bridge before, will complete the bridge as it appears in the photo.

not take the easy way out with a short list of tasks…I want you to
think it through and give a comprehensive and detailed list of each step
that should be followed to build a safe bridge.

NB: this is not easy just list in order.

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