The Treatment of Special Needs Children

Directions: Write the 1st draft of your Argumentative Research Paper using the APA style of documentation. The argumentative research paper should be approximately 8-9 pages in length, complete with an abstract of 150 words, an interesting introduction and thesis statement, at least 6 references, a well-developed conclusion, and the reference page. Your argumentative research paper will be graded according to the following specifications:

• The scope of the research topic is narrow enough to handle the subject matter effectively.
• The writer remains focused on the purpose of the paper.
• The writing is well-organized.
• Central points are made in each paragraph. Each paragraph includes a clear topic sentence.
• Research is drawn from researched articles. (Research is drawn from the literature (i.e., peer-reviewed articles) and an in-depth analysis of at least six (6) research articles with no more than one non-juried/non-refereed Internet site being used.)
• The writer clearly presents contrary opinions about his/her thesis statement.
• The writer used quotation, summary and paraphrasing skills in providing information.
• The writer relies on objective data to support his/her final claim.
• The writer provides enough information for the audience to understand each argument or claim.
• Conclusion contains a summary of the findings and possible recommendations for future research.
• The writer supports generalizations effectively with vivid details and vivid examples.
• The paper is in APA style form.
• The paper includes a one paragraph abstract.
• The paper includes a thesis statement which expresses the over-arching point of the research paper.
• There is an attention-getter to capture the reader’s interest at the beginning of the paper.
• The introduction establishes the context of the topic in broad terms.
• The paper is free from grammatical errors.
• Information is cited correctly.
• All sources are cited correctly on the Reference Page.
• Overall the paper reflects college level writing skills.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3.2 Assignment: Draft #1.” This assignment is worth 100 points and will be evaluated using the Draft Writing Intensive Research Paper Rubric. This rubric it is located under Course Resources. (NOTE: The number of points you earn on the 50-point rubric will be multiplied by 2 for this 100 point assignment.)

The topic I chose was the treatment of special need children. Many societies and communities in our country and even internationally do not recognize or even appreciate the presence of needy children. These are children like any other child, but only that they are physically or mentally challenged. They are way more spiritual than a normal child could ever be. Special needs children need to be treated with kind hearts, with respect and love, they have to be given the care they deserve each and every moment of their life this is because they are human beings like us hence they deserve everything that a normal child deserves.

I would like to research on this topic because I do not support the way special need children are treated, how they are humiliated, how their parents and other individuals call them names(bully them) and also the kind of care and love they receive. I would like to bring this to an end and if possible convince my fellow students to come up with a campaign to stop this kind of treatment once and for all.

The audience of my argument apart from my instructor would be special need children parents (both special need parents and those who are not), teachers, community health officer and a well-known politician. this would give me an opportunity to explain every detail about my view on special need children.

The purpose of my paper would be to give special need children the opportunity and reason to go on with their lives as other children; to educate my audience(other people) on the importance of special need children in the society; give reasons as to why equity should always be maintained within the society; make people understand that these children never choose to be like that( or to be born that way and that we are all human being regardless of how we are physical, mental, spiritual or biologically.

I have attached my references and a outline.

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