Which Mission is Best and Why

Requirement : 2 long Paragraphs

Discussion #2 – Which Mission is Best and Why

Take a moment to reflect on the video you watched titled “How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn’t Suck” by Chip Heath and Fast Company Magazine. Consider the key points Heath makes in the video. Now take a moment to clink on the link below and read the article titled “10 Examples of Restaurant Mission Statements” by Kristin Crane at Upserve. https://upserve.com/restaurant-insider/10-examples-restaurant-mission-statements/

  • What are the top two or three points Heath makes in his video?
  • Which of the mission statements in Crane’s article align with Heath’s key points?
  • How does the mission at your current place of employment compare (assuming you are currently employed and your employer has a mission)? If you aren’t employed at present use an example from a prior employer or a potential employer you admire. If your current employer doesn’t have a mission – tell us this and explain why this is the case (in your own opinion).

Be sure to thoughtfully read and respond to the postings of at least two other classmates during the discussion board.

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