HIST-1301 6007 1 United States History to 1877

You must choose one of the questions below to answer. Start a new thread for the question that you select. Please type the question first, and then type your answer. Your post should have between 100 and 300 words and be written in paragraph format; however, it is not merely the number of words that you write, but rather, the content in your post, that will determine your grade. Also, I grade for grammar and coherence. (Remember to check the rubric below on how I grade your discussion posts.) You should respond by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 16th. Your post will count for up to 40 points.

You must also reply to 2 classmates’ posts by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 18th. You must post before you will be able to read your classmates’ posts. Add to what your classmates have contributed (don’t simply answer “yes” or “no”, and don’t just say “I agree with what you said.”) Replies to classmates do not add to your discussion grade; however, failure to provide a quality response to 2 classmates will reduce your grade up to 8 points.

  1. Summarize the interaction between the first European settlers and the natives whom they met on their arrival to the “New World.” Choose either the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, or the English – or compare and contrast 2 of the European groups and their initial responses to meeting and interacting with the native population. Did either group benefit from this interaction?
  2. Discuss the system of indentured servitude. In which colonies did this economic system take hold? Why was it used, or why did the colonies where it was used feel the need to use it? What type of people generally became indentured servants, and why was this situation an option for them? Did they have any rights? How long was the contract, and what type of work did they perform?
  3. Compare and contrast the climate and habitat of the Chesapeake (southern colonies) to the climate and habitat of New England. Discuss how and/or why these differences created such dissimilarities in the types of settlements for the two areas.
  4. Pick one of the earliest English colonies to discuss in detail. Who were the original settlers in that colony (not the Native Americans)? Why did they choose to emigrate from their homeland? Who or what governed the colony (joint-stock company, proprietor, or the crown)? How well did they fare in their first year or two, and why?

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