Identifying Creativity in Advertising, week2 task,crate a 300 words blog on WordPress

Identifying Creativity in Advertising, week2 task,crate a 300 words blog on WordPress

Week 2 Lecture Activity – 5 ways of assessing Creativity in Advertising [Assessment #1 Graded Activity)

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You must complete this task as it is part of Assessment #1, a series of advertising challenges that constitute 20% of your overall results. Give plenty of love to it because ultimately this online portfolio of yours will be extremely useful for you in your professional future.

  • Complete the following Advertising Challenge Task after reviewing the week two study guide and its associated readings. There are two challenges this week, each worth 1.25% for a total of 2.5% of your overall ALA102 results. This is the first part. Please complete this before the workshop on Friday.
  • There will be another activity (part 2) to be run on Friday during the workshop for the other 1.25%. That activity will be due for completion by Sunday night.
  • Publish your research on your personal brand communication WordPress blog and reply to this post with its URL/website address to complete this task.

2.1 Go to Individual work for this activity.

Recommended time – 50 minutes. 10 minutes to locate, view ad multiple times and take notes. 10 minutes to work to score/evaluate the advert. 15 minutes to write. 10 minutes to make your post look good. 5 min to post your blogpost link to this forum. Ideally – complete this in class time! We will be working individually today as this gives your lecturers an opportunity to connect with you interpersonally.

  • You will locate another video advertisement (In Week 1 we looked at ads in Australia. This week we will find 1 ad from the following list of countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea or Turkey) from the same industry or product category as the first one so it’s easier for comparison with the advertisement you worked on in Week 1.
  • Make sure you review the 5 methods of evaluating creativity in the link provided below.
  • Read this: Creativity in Advertising by Werner Reinartz and Peter Saffert (This is a key unit reading you will need to use directly in all assessments in this unit!) Apply these concepts directly in your written response. The reading will provide examples. So it’s worth your time checking it out
  • You will to evaluate (measure) the ad according to the following criteria (you could use a score system, .e.g. 0-5 stars):
        • Originality
        • ‘An original ad comprised elements that are rare, suprising for move away from the obvious and the commonplace’ (Reinartz & Saffert 2013, para. 5)
        • Flexibility
        • ‘an ad’s ability to link a product to a wide range of different uses and ideas’ (Reinartz & Saffert 2013, para. 8)
        • Elaboration
        • ‘Many ads are creative because they contain unexpected details or extend basic ideas so they become more intricate and complicated (Reinartz & Saffert 2013, para. 11)
        • Synthesis
        • The ad’s ability to blend normally unrelated objects or ideas to create an interesting effect (Reinartz & Saffert 2013, para. 14)
        • Artistic Value
        • Aesthetically appealing verbal, visual or sound elements (Reinartz & Saffert 2013, para. 16)

2.3 Your task is to evaluate/measure the level of creativity found in the chosen advertisement. Write 50-100 words. Embed the video in your blogpost, if that’s not possible, screenshot a key frame of the video to provide visual reference and interest to your blogpost.

2.4 For inspiration

2.5 Upload your work to complete Week 2 Part 1.

  • This is the first part of your Week 2 (of 8 weeks) contribution to Assessment #1: Creative Brand Communication Portfolio.
  • Produce your response through a WordPress Blogpost. Use the unit hashtag #ALA102DC. Follow, connect and link up to each other’s blogs! #networking
  • Include a link to the ad (embed video if it’s from Youtube, ask if you’re not sure how), a short description of the ad, followed by a short evaluation based on how they score in each criteria.
  • Reply to this post with a link to your blogpost to complete your work.
  • Ideally, complete this before the end of the class!

2.7 Reference List

Reinartz, W & Saffert, P 2013, ‘How to Assess an Ad’s Creativity’, Harvard Business Review, 21 May, retrieved 1 June 2018, <>.

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