Nursing Science, Computer Science, and the Foundation of Knowledge

The relationship between nursing informatics, nursing research, nursing education, nursing practice, and the formation of knowledge within the development and implementation of healthcare technologies. With these concepts in mind and referencing the study materials listed in the module, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Choose a clinical scenario from your recent experience and analyze it using the Foundation of Knowledge model. How did you acquire knowledge? How did you process knowledge? How did you generate knowledge? How did you disseminate knowledge? How did you use feedback and what was the effect of the feedback on the foundation of your knowledge?
  2. In healthcare, think about a typical day of practice and describe the setting. How many times does the nurse interact with information systems (IS)? What are the IS’s that nurses interact with and how do they access them? Are they at the bedside, handheld, or station based? How does their location and ease of access impact nursing care? In addition, how can knowledge of computer hardware and software help nurses to participate in information technology adoption decisions in the practice area? How do you see the role of the nursing informatics assisting clinicians in the overall adoption and optimization of health IS?

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