Research the Effects that Culture Can Play on Personality Development

In the U.S., a psychologist cannot deny that
different cultures (including ethnicity, age, gender, religion, and
sexual affiliation) play a role in personality development.

Consider all you have learned throughout
this course as well as how your culture has shaped your personality
development. Use the Internet, Argosy University library resources, and
your textbook to research the effects that cultures can play on
personality development. Answer the following questions:

  • What aspects of your cultural upbringing have affected your own personality development?
  • Think about a friend who grew up in a different
    culture—how did their cultural upbringing and traditions affect their
    personality development in a way that differed from your upbringing?
  • Considering everything you have learned in this
    course, how would you now analyze your own personality? Relate this to
    the theories of personality development that apply in your case. How
    will you use these new competencies in your work and personal life?

Write your initial response in 2-3
paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources, and use
vocabulary that reflects your understanding of the concepts covered
throughout the course.

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