Book/movie review

watch film “Sentenced Home”
Please compose a one-page, single-spaced essay of about 3-5 paragraphs in which you address one, or more, of the discussion questions included below. *Please note, I am not looking for a description of the film. I am hoping you will engage with the discussion we had in class concerning deportation and transformations in US immigration policy.

List of possible discussion questions:
• What does the U.S. gain by deporting people like Many Uch, Kim Ho Ma and Loeun Lun? What does it lose? If you could re-write U.S. deportation policy, what factors would you want the government to consider when it decides whether or not someone should be deported?
• In your view, is deportation just punishment for the different types of crimes committed by the men in the film? Why or why not? Should citizens and non-citizens be sentenced differently for the same crime? Why or why not?
• What is the difference between a refugee and an immigrant? Should people who flee violent persecution be granted special consideration under deportation law? Why or why not?
• Towards the end of the film, Many Uch asks whether or not U.S. policy is fair. How would you answer him? Cambodian Refugees
• If there were an appeals process and you were a judge, how would you rule in each of the three deportation cases from the film—Many Uch, Kim Ho Ma, and Loeun Lun? What factors would enter into your decision?
• Many Uch points out that many Cambodian refugees did not understand the importance of citizenship or know how to prepare for it. Who is responsible to provide that kind of information? In your community, where could a refugee go to get information about citizenship or help related to their legal status?

• Cambodian Americans who have been deported pose a significant social problem for Cambodia. They often don’t speak the language, can’t find a job and don’t fit in culturally. Should the U.S. take some responsibility for creating this problem? If so, what should the U.S. government do?
• How are the Cambodian families you see in the film similar to and different from families you know? What do you think it would feel like to be told that someone close to you was being forced to permanently leave the country?
• When someone says “Cambodian,” what picture comes into your head? How did the people in the film reinforce or contradict that picture? Prior to viewing Sentenced Home, what were the primary sources of your information about the Cambodian community? How accurate were those sources?

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