Case Study, Who is the best player, marketing homework help

Case Study

Please read the article that provided to you on PDF (Who is the Better Player? then Find information on your own you can apply into the analysis.,

Then answer these questions comprehensively and thoroughly

1) Compare the numbers of followers each of the athletes has on Facebook and Twitter

Who has the most and least Facebook followers?

Who has the most and least Twitter followers?

Try to explain why individual players might be more popular than others on Facebook and Twitter.

Discuss the extent to which the sport they play, the country or region in which they live, and the ways people use different social media (and other factors think of) might explain the differences in social media followers for these athletes.

2) Describe the traits of the types of fans mentioned in the report—Temporary Fans, Devoted Fans, and Fanatical Fans.

Describe the differences in how each of these types of fans Likes, Comments On, Posts and Shares social media posts about these athletes.

Describe the differences in how each of these fan types reacts to social media based on gender and location.

3) Look carefully at Figure 2. Describe and compare the amount of fan engagement Cristiano earned through social media compared to LeBron, Messi, Brady and Durant. Discuss what lessons we learn about athletes and sports-related brands can generate fan engagement via social media.

4) Look carefully at Figure 3. Describe and compare the topics that Cristiano and other athletes spoke about the most engaged fans. Apply it to marketing.

5) Look carefully at Figure 4. Describe who “won” the battle for the most engaging Facebook content. Discuss why some athletes in the study outperformed and underperformed others.

Important information

Please write down the questions before you answer to them.

List your resources. You must find at least one outside article and incorporate it into your analysis in addition to the case you are reading. I will not ACCEPT the work if you do not do that

Your response to these questions must be a minimum of 2 pages in length. No Max

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