coca-cola case

Your group is required to submit a write-up (max three pages) on a company your group
chooses to analyze after considering all the options presented by your group members.
Please explain why the company is chosen and how your group plans to analyze the
company. For example, your plan may involve industry analysis, competitor analysis,
company analysis, environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability / social
responsibility analysis, and strategic recommendations (more details on #(6) below).
Please estimate how much work the project will take and suggest the recommended fee
that your group should charge for your insights to a potential client (e.g., the top
management team of the company your group is analyzing, competitors, potential
acquirers, potential investors, etc.).
For each group deliverable, a different member of the team must act as “manager” of the
other members. The manager must be identified on every deliverable.
In estimating the recommended fee, please assume $400/hour for Associate level work
and $800/hour for Manager level work. The number of hours worked at the Associate
level and at the Manager level should be included separately.
Your group’s write-up and presentation slides are due on October 22. Your group’s
manager for this task should submit the write-up (max three pages including fee
calculations) through a link provided on Blackboard anytime before 5pm on October 22.
Except in unusual circumstances, late submissions will be penalized.
Your group will make a 10-minute presentation on your group’s choice, plan, and cost
estimates in class on October 23.

the company we choose is cocacola and my job is write about industry analyze

so you should write 1 page to answer the following questions

o How is your company’s industry defined?
o What does the industry look like?
o What are the critical drivers of success in this industry?

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