Edit Paper Based on Comments

This looks good. A few comments:

Please revise the proposal discussion section to be more organized to make it easy for readers to find information. Also, remember, you need to point out the benefits of your proposal.

Include tables and charts for presenting information.

Original Question:

Points: 100
You are the president of a student club. You are proposing to set up a new Writing Center for
Undergraduates on campus. You envision the writing center will provide assistance to students
on all matters related to writing. You have to prepare a proposal with the following structure. (All
pages are 12pt, single-spaced – this is a guideline – you can use double-space for your report.
However the content should be equivalent.)
Report Structure
? Introduction (1 page)
? Purpose – Describe the reason for the proposal
? Background – Describe the problem to be solved
? Scope – Describe what the report will cover and what it does not cover
? Discussion (2 pages)
? Approach – Describe proposed solution
? Result – Describe how the problem will be solved
? Statement of Work – Describe the tasks to be completed
? Resources (2 pages)
? Personnel – Describe who will be working and what their qualifications are
? Facilities/Equipment – Describe physical resources required
? Costs (1 page)
? Fiscal – Describe the financial costs
? Time – Describe how much time the project will require
? Conclusion (½ page)
? Summary – Describe the benefits and risks
? Contact

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