Essay on “Ships that Pass in the Night” Poem

Write a 500 word literary analysis essay on Your
chosen Poem.

Essay on
Analyzing Poetry
: The essay on evaluating the poem should be written in the
Traditional College Essay format of five paragraphs. Your title for the essay
would not be the title of the poem, as that is not your own title. Your title
may contain the title of the poem or a variation of the title, but you must
enclose the title of the poem within quotation marks for clarification. Your
title can be written as a statement, a question, or a two-part title with a
colon. It must be original.

How to
Structure your Paper
: Your essay should be 500 words divided into five paragraphs.
Your introduction must end with a thesis and a thesis support. Your thesis
should answer the question posed by your title; it could interpret the title or
make an assertion or claim on it. Please
utilize Cornel notes or any other format; Each of your three body
paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence derived from your thesis support in
the order that you listed them. You are to provide details and examples from
the poem to justify your position. You are not allowed to use “I” authority. If
you must refer to yourself, address yourself in the third person as this
writer, or this reviewer.

for Quoting and Citing Poetry
: There are conventions for
quoting and citing poetry: Poetry is cited by lines. When you quote a line of
poetry, you should enclose it within quotation marks. At the end of your
quotation in parenthesis indicate the line number that you are quoting. Your
period should appear after the parenthesis when you utilize quotation marks.
For two lines from the poem, use a slash at the end of the first line to
indicate the end of that line. For three lines or more lines of poetry, use
block style quotation: You will use tab or ten spaces, and you do not need
quotation marks. You will need to provide a parenthetical citation at the end
of the quoted material indicating the lines of the poem. In block style
quotation, your period goes before the parenthesis.

After you have exhausted
your topics in the body paragraphs. (Be sure to adhere to the word count.), you
would need to write a conclusion. Review your notes on “The Functions of the Conclusion.”
In the conclusion, you can utilize any of the techniques to gain your readers
attention to remind him/her of what you have stated in the paper. You should
revisit all the important aspects of your paper. You may include predictions or

To avoid both accidental plagiarism and plagiarism proper, you
must provide citation for all borrowed materials in your paper. Whether you
quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from any source, you must provide
citation indicating to whom the idea belongs. (See your Handout on MLA style.) Along
with the quotations and citations you have within the paper, known as in-text
citations, you should provide a works cited page.

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