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This high-stakes assignment will examine the relationship between mental illness and violent crime. You should be able to apply some of the theories of crime causation from earlier in the course to this topic.

Prepare a 6-8 page report in Microsoft Word that addresses these points:


Identify and discuss the specific causes of mental issues that can lead one to criminal behavior. Consider biological, social, and familial influences.


Case Study

Research and analyze one of the following mass shootings from recent American history:

  • Jared Loughner, Tucson, Arizona, 2011
  • Virginia Tech University, 2007
  • Pulse nightclub, Orlando, Florida, 2016
  • Sandy Hook elementary, 2012
  • Fort Hood military base, 2009

For your selected case study, address these questions:

  • Based on what you know about the shooter, what was he attempting to accomplish? Did he have a mission behind his crime?
  • Analyze and discuss the shooterÂ’s mental condition at the time of the shooting. Keep in mind that there may be reliable information available on this subject, including letters or other messages created by the shooter himself.
  • Evaluate the response by law enforcement as the incident took place. Was it possible to produce a better outcome?
  • Last, offer a well-reasoned policy that seeks to reconcile mental health with gun ownership. Keeping in mind Constitutional guarantees and Supreme Court decisions such as Chicago v. McDonald and Heller v. District of Columbia, how might lawmakers legally restrict gun ownership among those with mental issues? Be specific.

Make certain that you support your analysis with proper reasoning

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