?Health and Safety Management

Select an oil and gas company based in Oman and prepare the following report:

The report must cover the following:

1. An introduction

Introduce the company and mention its productions.

The health and safety inspection of the company, is it right or wrong?

2. Completed observation covering a number and range of hazards and good practice ,identifying suitable control measures and timescales :

create a table of 10 hazards and their consequences.

how do we do the control measurement ( time : immediately, day by day, or weekly)

3. Conclusions

4. Recommendation

how you got this new control measurement

did it minimize the hazards and risks

** Select the 10 hazards from the attached files H1, H2.

** A previous report will be attached covering the same idea. Relate to it, but DON’T COPY anything.

** Total word Count = 1500 words Only.

** in-texxt Citation and Referencs Using Harvard Style.

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