HIS2324 ACAPS PRIMARY DOCUMENTS section of the Textbook.


DUE: Wednesday, February 23 8:00am

You will turn in and discuss an ACAPS paragraph critique from the PRIMARY DOCUMENTS section of the Textbook. Be sure you are using information from the READER!

Pick any ONE of the following documents:

“White Man’s Burden” War Prayer Christainity & the Social Crisis
Chinese Exclusion African-Americans debate enlistment 1898 Woman’s Suffrage
The Philippine Question Black Progress 1895 & 1903?

I will use the following rubric: ACAPS

  • Clink on this How to Write an ACAPS Essay to guide your efforts.
  • Complete the ACAPS worksheet answering the questions about the author, the context, the audience, the purpose, and the significance of the source.
  • Consider following this ACAPS outline to ensure you organize your efforts appropriately.
  • Your first paragraph should be a brief introduction to the author, period, and topic you are going to address. (The thesis sentence underscores what you are going to argue and why.)
  • Your main-body paragraph should answer all parts of the worksheet, but should not be just a listing of the answers. (Pay particular attention to interpreting its purpose and significance as well as citing the necessary evidence to prove your analysis.)
  • Write in such a way that the reader would be interested in reading the source.
  • Conclude with a short paragrapgh about the significance of the source as well as your argument.
  • Please title and turn in your assignments as a SINGLE document labeled: Last-Name-ACAPS2
  • (Do NOT put your assignment in the text box!!!!!!)
  • CLICK on the name of the assignment above and scroll to ATTACH FILE, then locate and upload your document.

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