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Comments from my professor on the initial assignment I turned in:

If you wish to resubmit your paper for a better grade, it is due no later than Friday evening July 28, 2017, 8:00 PM.

Your paper will posted Wednesday night for your review.

Good that you will discuss the sexual harassment policy with the accused, but what specifics would you discuss, for example the possible hostile work environment? The consequences of such a violation if the investigation proves that it did occur? What the time frame is and if this conversation constitutes a “formal” warning and what will happen if it happens again – i.e. termination, demotion, etcetera. Many questions from you, all good, but you need some ‘answers’ to create the scenario in which you can apply course concepts, for example what kind of harassment this constitutes, etcetera. Why terminate him after this one case, justify?

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