Job outlook in healthcare

While the US healthcare system represents around $3 trillion in annual spending and is the largest single sector of the overall economy, it also sits inside larger “macro trends” that help define the landscape of jobs.

For example, such factors as globalization, the frantic pace of innovative handhold and genomic technology (like the iphone 6 and mapping the human genome project), 78 million Americans all hitting old age (and higher healthcare utilization) at the same time, and radically changing values and beliefs are all working together to create a larger “context” for new jobs in the healthcare system.

Answer the following discussion with a minimum of 300 words for each question. Include references using APA format;(in-text and reference page

1. So what do you think the job market for healthcare professionals will look like 5 or 10 years from now?

2. How will smart phone create new jobs in healthcare?

3. How will the massive chronic care needs of a ton of old people create new careers opportunities?

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