Response to fellow classmate – Week 2 DQ 2 – Rod Lingsch

Every individual holds opinions that they believe to be true based on their life experience. Additionally, the erudite elite of society has high hopes and aspirations that their beliefs can make the world a better place for all. Their ambitions are admirable but often fail to meet reproducible standards that can be corroborated. More than 70% of 1,576 researchers were unable to reproduce the claims made by fellow scientists (Baker, 2016). Psychology performed far better than other fields with a 33% reproducibility rate as compare to 21% for chemistry and 10% for biotech (Pritsker, 2012).

The epistemic commitment sets a burden of accountability to confirm and defend factual truths. Confidence in one’s beliefs as empirical truth does not constitute validated knowledge. For this student, words are little more than the intangible constituents of theory. Until a theory is made palpable through the rigors of the scientific method they do not constitute true knowledge. The expectation of academic scholars, researchers, and scientists are to apply methodologies of validation without bias. Biases can be difficult to filter when individuals are primarily motivated by a strong desire to prove theories within their domain of interest (Charles, 2013). Doctors have their Hippocratic Oath, psychologists are held to high standards by APA ethics code and all researchers and scientists utilize the scientific method for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Academics, researchers, and scientists must hold themselves and others to these high standards of integrity. To not do so will inevitably result in being discovered, but also intentional fraud must be held to account. Individuals conducting research must be aware of and not interject their own biases. If research is not holding up to expectations, endeavor to determine if the conflicts can be resolved. If not, then another hypothesis is needed.

Please answer the above question with at least 150-250 words and using at least 1 reference. Reference needs to be from a peer reviewed article or journal and needs to be cited in APA 6th edition format. Also, of applicable, please provide www or doi website info for reference.

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