Self awareness report, Tourism and Hotel Professional


The self-awareness report is designed to be a practical exercise with personal benefits – a reallife self-management strategy to assist you in obtaining a suitable employment position and

developing your career. This report should demonstrate a solid self-awareness and discuss your

career-related strengths and weaknesses.

You discussion should focus on the Organisational Behaviour (OB) factors discussed in this

1.0 personality development

  • 1.1 Values and Motivators
  • ? What are your most important attitudes, values and motivators? (Topics 3 & 5)

  • 1.2 Emotional intelligence
  • ? What are your emotional intelligence abilities? (Topic 6)

  • 1.3Leadership
  • ? What is your leadership aspiration and potential (or demonstrated ability)? (Topic 8)

  • 1.4 Power and Politics
  • ? What are your approaches to power, politics and influence? (Topic 9)

    2.0 Decision making and planning

    Refer to the literature on Problem Solving and Decision Making (Topic 7) and critically

    evaluate how an understanding of these theories can be of assistance to the decision-making

    and problem-solving processes you will be using when seeking your internship/graduate

    employment. You must compare and contrast at least two approaches/theories.

    Your discussion should identify and elaborate upon factors that will be important in your

    internship/graduate position decision such as the geographic location, paid/unpaid nature,

    opportunity for training and development, opportunity for ongoing employment, and so forth.

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