Stages of life

I suggest you focus on the 5 sections of the exam- one section for each chapter covered


Young School Age

Middle Childhood

Early Adolescence

Later Adolescence

If it helps, make 5 different word documents-one for each section.

You/Any student can get a good grade on Exam #2 as long as you follow the directions.

TIPS to Do Well on Exam #2 and GET IT DONE

—DON¬íT read everything in the chapters.

—Pick ONLY 2 developmental tasks from each chapter and write about those two. (So pick 2 from the list in the second column of the pdf that is attached to this email.)

—ONLY read 1) textbook materials for only those 2 developmental tasks for each life stage and 2)read the section in each chapter about the psychosocial crisis for each life stage.

Please follow directions and let me know if you have any questions

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